COVID-19 Awareness and Information

Even more important than our commitment to educating your children is our dedication to keeping them safe. Please refer to this webpage for ongoing updates and information as we work together to respond to the evolving situation.

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  • Digital Learning Days Extended Through May 1

    Dr. Leonard Kupersmith
    Dear CCES Family:

    President Trump announced last night that federal guidelines regarding social distancing will be extended through April. In compliance with this prudent decision, CCES extends its campus closure and remote learning through May 1.
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  • Digital Learning Days Update

    Dr. Leonard Kupersmith
    Dear CCES Family:

    As we complete Week Two of DLD, we have cleared the fourteen-day transmission bar since we closed the campus on March 13. The transition has been remarkably successful. The cooperation and patience of all participants account for this nearly uninterrupted learning continuum. Students have been incredibly resilient, teachers amazingly resourceful and dedicated, and parents have been understanding and collaborative. I extend a special thanks to Angela Allen for coordinating the transition and managing the overall DLD program and to Melissa Hughes for painstakingly and cheerfully training our team on that digital platform and constantly checking, updating, and troubleshooting. Everyone has learned a lot about his or her capacity to turn on a dime and make the most of a tough situation. Bravo, all splendid Cavaliers!
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  • Digital Learning Days Extended

    Dr. Leonard Kupersmith
    Dear CCES Family:

    I am grateful to you, our faculty, and students for their collective efforts to make the transition to a digital platform a success. Major transitions always entail difficult adjustments and some frustration. However, all parties in our reorientation of teaching and learning have approached the digital prospect with determination and a positive spirit. By all accounts, the same community that thrives on our campus is doing well on this adopted landscape. I commend the can-do attitude that everyone has brought to this transition.
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  • COVID-19 Update

    Dr. Leonard Kupersmith
    Dear Friends:
    I am adding this practical note to the exhortative correspondence that I sent today.
    As of 3:30, we have cordoned off the campus. Security and custodial staff will do their jobs daily. If administrative staff or faculty need to pick up a package or mail, they are able to call security, and security will deliver the package or letter to the Welcome Center entrance.
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  • Group Activities and Athletic Practices

    Dr. Leonard Kupersmith
    Dear Parents, Coaches, and Students:

    I urge everyone to get behind the school's commitment to social distancing. We are determined to flatten the transmission curve. This effort needs to be universal, disciplined, and unyielding. Stemming this pandemic requires unified action. A weak link is exponentially dangerous. Don’t be that weak link. In an athletic context, let’s transfer our competitive energy and will to defeating a common opponent, Covid-19. Although the axis of this letter is athletics, the message is relevant to everything we are doing while school is canceled and we are coping with a new normal, which may well persist beyond two and a half weeks. Note the CDC’s advisory yesterday to limit gatherings to fewer than fifty during the next eight weeks.
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  • Announcement of School Closing and Transition to Digital Learning Platform

    Dear Friends:

    This week has been turbulent. The coronavirus has racked up a lot of casualties in its wake, not deaths alone but also confidence and security have been shaken.

    Nonetheless, the coronavirus is not going to seize control of our lives. We will leverage our social and professional resources to mitigate its velocity. Each of us must do our part to protect our health and our neighbor’s health. Institutions are boldly asserting their determination to smother the peril. To reduce transmission through social gatherings, hallowed places and events are closed and canceled: can March exist without the Madness? To revisit the standard we shared in our last correspondence, we discover in this process of protecting the health of our community what is essential, what we cannot do without and retain our integrity, Yes, we can live without March Madness, Disneyland, the NBA and NHL, and South By Southwest. They will return with full force once we are past this pandemic. To combat a lethal intruder, we take inconvenient and disruptive measures. Caution is the watchword at this moment.
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  • Covid-19 Update

    Dr. Leonard Kupersmith
    Dear Friends:

    To address the threats of COVID requires constant vigilance. The core team of senior leadership meets at least once a day to stay current and ensure that we are working in unison. We pool our knowledge, share questions, and resolve decisions. We insist upon careful circulation of these decisions and communication only after we have leadership on board and familiar with the basis for decisions. It’s important to speak with one voice. To do so requires communication up and down the line internally and timely and direct external communication.
    These updates fall within the second category.
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  • Covid-19 Closing Criteria

    Dr. Leonard Kupersmith
    Dear CCES families:
    The faculty and staff completed a stimulating day preparing to teach in a remote learning environment with a digital platform. We will be ready to continue to educate your children if we need to close temporarily. The portals of learning will be open. I urge you to contact me, Angela Allen, or a division head if you need internet access or laptops in order to access online instruction.
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  • Covid-19 Update

    Dr. Leonard Kupersmith
    Dear CCES Families:
    We write to share our immediate plans to address the contingencies created by the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). At present the incidence of the virus is spreading across the country. Our state has not reported any cases. North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia report four cases collectively. From the outset, we have monitored the advisories from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) and accessed information from our regional independent school association, the national association, news outlets, and other relevant sources. We take into account the particularities of our community. We make decisions on the basis of confirmed fact and rational judgment. Our presiding concern is protecting our students and employees and fulfilling our implicit and contractual commitments to providing the highest quality education possible under the circumstances. 
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  • Stay Healthy This Spring Break

    Dr. Leonard Kupersmith
    Dear CCES families,

    As spring break approaches, many of you are preparing for a much deserved break that may include travel outside of the United States. The ongoing news and updates on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may prompt concern about exposure. 
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A Prayer for the Days Ahead

Loving God, you are always with us, and you are the one from whom all blessings flow: 
We pray for wisdom, for peace, and for health. 
We pray for our leaders, and for all medical professionals. 

We pray, Lord, that in the midst of an unusual time, you call forth the best in us: 
compassion, generosity, patience, and faith. 

Help us to look out for one another. 
And help us to remember that you will see us through.
In the name of Jesus, we pray.

Digital Learning Information

Please click here to access the Digital Learning Resource Board on the OCC for information including tips and schedules.

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  • Event Updates & Cancellations

    All school activities including classes, athletics, arts, and all other school-sponsored activities (as well as the events listed below) are suspended.   

    4/3: LS & MS Cavalier Closet
    4/4: Crafted
    4/2: Community Dinners
    4/25: Cavalier Social Connection Food Festival
    All Indoor Chapel Gatherings
    Admission Shadow Days
    All Service Learning Trips
    All overnight trips international and otherwise

    4/3: Greenville Symphony (4th Grade)
    4/24: Greenville Zoo (2nd Grade)
    4/27: Roper Mountain Science Center (2nd Grade)
    4/28: Columbia (3rd Grade)

    4/6-7: Model UN 
    4/15-17:Barrier Island (6th Grade)
    4/16-17: Camp Kanuga (5th Grade)

    4/6-4/7: Model UN
    4/8: G11 Service Day at Special Olympics at Furman University
    4/21: Modern & Classical Language National Honor Society Induction


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Christ Church Episcopal School (“CCES”) admits students of any sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, or sexual orientation to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at CCES. CCES does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, or sexual orientation in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, financial aid or other programs, or athletic or other school-administered programs and activities.