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Campus Planning Process

Build for the Future

Over six decades ago, the founders of CCES set out to establish a school which could provide the education and experience that Greenville’s families deserved. In the early ‘70s, visionary leaders made the strategic decision to move to Cavalier Drive so the school could better realize its potential by having grades K-12 on one shared campus. Over the next fifty years, those 72 acres allowed the school to unify the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools and to shape what has become the preeminent school in the region. Today, the next generation of school leaders are ready to write the next chapter in the school’s history. Standing on the shoulders of those who came before, continuing the traditions which have made us who we are, and looking ahead to making the best even better, we are ready to Build for the Future.

Campus Master Plan Welcome Gate
Campus Master Plan Roundabout
Campus Master Plan Gym

Campus Planning Timeline

September 2017: Board of Trustees Releases/Approves Strategic Plan which highlights needs for various capital projects including an additional gymnasium and a need to explore a space for wellness offerings.

January 2020: Board hosts a retreat with administrators to explore the capital projects outlined in the Strategic Plan as well as other near and long term capital needs.  The retreat’s outcome revealed additional needs and the Board chose to seek RFPs for a master planning project.

March 2020: RFPs received and the process is put on hold as the school navigated the effects of Covid and reopening the school in the fall of 2021.

March 2021: Focus on the project is regained and McMillan Pazdan Smith is chosen as the architect of record for the Campus Master Planning process.  MPS convenes focus groups of trustees, administrators, faculty, parents and other community stakeholders throughout the spring and summer.

May 2021: Need for additional acreage is identified in order to preserve future generations’ capital project flexibility and for all three divisions to remain on a single campus long into the future.  The Board votes to pursue land acquisitions and campus master planning process is continued with options in mind.

March 2022: Master Plan is completed and approved by the Board, pending various successful property acquisitions.  

February 2023: Procurement of three additional parcels and a deeded easement are completed, representing 22 contiguous acres and a 30% expansion of CCES’s campus.

May 2023: Campus Master Plan is shared with the CCES Community. 

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Campus Master Plan Welcome Gate