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Our Campus Plan

What are the key elements of the plan?

Wellness Center
  • 72,000 sf that will replace the current McCall Field House

  • This building would include new dining rooms with a centralized kitchen for all divisions, conditioning space for non-athletes, health and wellness classrooms, and an additional gymnasium for practice and use by the Lower School during the day, among other possibilities.

  • By freeing up the cafeteria space in the Middle and Upper School buildings, that space can be repurposed for academic uses designed to continually improve the academic experience for our students.

  • McCall Field House will continue to be maintained and remain in place until the construction of the full gymnasium is complete to avoid downtime

Athletic Complex and Fields
rendering of the TIDE building
  • This ~90,000sf building will ultimately house an 18,000sf competition gym, a 10,000sf auxiliary gymnasium, 4,500sf strength and conditioning facility, a 3,500sf room dedicated to wrestling during the season, a 1,000sf sports medicine office, locker room space, and other support spaces.  This building will be designed in a way that it could be constructed in two phases.

  • Outside:  An additional stadium that could be used for Football, Soccer, or Lacrosse.  Additional lanes to create an 8-lane track to host larger competitions.  Reconfigured fields to allow for more practice and competition space.

  • These improvements would allow for easier scheduling of practice times throughout the year so students can get home at reasonable hours, provide opportunities for all students and teams to access the strength and conditioning room during the day, and modernize the student-athlete experience in the locker rooms.

Loop Road Creating a Pedestrian-Friendly Campus
rendering of the loop road from the campus master plan
  • The Campus will feel more like a small college with all traffic pulled to outside roads with sidewalks for safe transitions throughout the campus.

  • Lower and Middle School carpools will now queue on campus and pull traffic off Cavalier Drive and Wenwood Road, creating a safer driving experience for parents and our neighbors.

  • A single main entrance along Cavalier Drive will enhance safety and security on campus.  Egress gates will remain available for afternoon carpools and events.

Technology, Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship (TIDE) Center
  • 22,000 square feet of new academic space to include classrooms, collaborative learning spaces, and a grab-and-go cafe for additional lunch options. The building will be connected to the Upper School on the 2nd and 3rd floors by an elevated walkway and a plaza for gathering on the first floor for additional learning and gathering opportunities.

  • Open first-floor gathering space for grade-level meetings, speakers, or performances 

  • Flexible spaces for collaborative learning, design, robotics, digital media, etc. 

Expanded Campus Footprint
map of campus master plan
  • The new land along Mauldin Road represents a nearly 30% increase in the size of the campus and is contiguous to the original campus through a deeded easement.
  • The Campus was approximately 72 acres and has now grown to 94 with the recent land acquisitions.
  • This will allow the academic heart of campus to remain centered around the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, preserving open spaces nearby that could be used for future academic buildings.
  • The new land's flexibility will allow all three divisions to remain on a single campus long into the future, preserving the family feel of the CCES community.


The Build for the Future campus master plan is not just a blueprint for buildings and infrastructure - it is a blueprint for the student experience. Designing spaces and opportunities that promote learning, spur innovation, foster collaboration, inspire creativity, and promote well-being elevates what we consider to be teaching and learning. Our students will know and understand the importance of a well-balanced life that allows them to explore their passions, achieve their goals, and thrive beyond the walls of a classroom. What a profound and long-lasting impact this will have on our community of learners! dr. angela allen Associate Head of School


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