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Black and white photo of students
In the summer of 1959, Christ Church Episcopal School was formed by the Rector and Vestry of Christ Church Episcopal with the vision of a Christ-centered and academically rigorous education. The first “campus” consisted of three frame houses then located on East Washington Street. One building housed the second, third, and fourth  grades; in another were first, fifth, and sixth. The middle building was used for kindergarten and administration. By 1972, CCES graduated its first senior class, and by 2002, grades Primer (5K) through 12th grades were  finally united on a single Cavalier campus. 

Over the decades, the mission of the school and the principles on which it was founded continue to guide our students and alumni, our faculty and coaches, and all in our CCES community. 

Heads of School over the years

The Rev. Dr. Claude E. Guthrie 1959-1965

Rufus Bethea 1965-1974

Canon Allen F. Bray 1974-1981

Benjamin M. Crabtree 1981-1988

James K. Rumrill 1988-1997

Ellen Moceri 1997-2000

Dr. Leland H. Cox, Jr. 2000-2008

Dr. Leonard Kupersmith 2008-2020

David Padilla 2020 - present

Our History

First Location of CCES on Washington Street