Academic Disciplines

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* Indicates semester class (1/2 unit of credit)
** Indicates 1/4 unit of credit
AP: Advanced Placement
H: Honors
HL IB: Higher Level IB
IB: International Baccalaureate
SL IB: Standard Level IB

 A complete description of each class can be found in the curriculum guide.


English I
English II
English II Honors
English III
English III Honors
English Language & Composition AP
English IV
English IV Honors
English Literature AP
English Literature HL IB
English Language & Literature SL IB
Extended Essay
Senior Thesis
Creative Writing*
Print Publications Production
English for Speakers of Other Languages

German for Native Speakers

German I for Native Speakers
German II for Native Speakers
German III for Native Speakers
German III Honors for Native Speakers
German IV for Native Speakers
German IV A HL IB


Algebra I
Geometry Honors
Algebra II
Algebra II Advanced
Algebra II Honors
Precalculus Advanced
Precalculus Honors
Probability and Statistics
Statistics AP
Calculus AB AP
Calculus BC AP
Mathematical Studies SL IB
Mathematics SL IB
Mathematics HL IB

History/Social Sciences

Ancient and Medieval History
United States History
United States History AP
Modern European History
European History AP
Chinese & Japanese History
US Government*
Introduction to Psychology*
Psychology AP
US Government and Politics AP*
Comparative Govt. & Politics AP*
20th Century World History SL IB
20th Century World History HL IB
Psychology SL IB/HL Honors
Psychology HL IB
Economics SL IB
Current Issues*
History of the South*
History of the British Empire*
World War II*
Government in Action*
Military History*
The Holocaust*


Biology Honors
Biology SL IB/HL Honors
Biology HL IB
Biology AP
Chemistry Honors
Chemistry SL IB
Chemistry AP
Physics I AP
Physics II AP
Physics C AP
Physics SL IB
Physics HL IB
Environmental Science
Environmental Science AP
Environmental Systems & Societies SL IB
Orthopedic Anatomy*

Modern & Classical Language

Spanish IA/B Hybrid
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish II Advanced
Spanish III
Spanish III Honors
Spanish IV
Spanish IV Honors
Spanish V Honors
Spanish Language and Culture AP
Spanish B SL IB
Spanish B HL IB
French I
French II
French III
French III Honors
French IV
French IV Honors
French Language and Culture AP
French B SL IB
French B HL IB
French V Honors
German I
German II
German III
German IV
German B SL/HL IB
Latin I
Latin II
Latin II
Latin III Honors
Latin III/IV
Latin AP
Latin IV Honors
Latin SL IB
Latin HL IB
Introduction to Classical Greek*
Chinese I
Chinese II
Chinese II Advanced
Chinese III
Chinese III Honors
Chinese Lanuage and Culture AP
Chinese B SL IB/HL IB


Biblical Studies*
Theory of Knowledge IB (TOK)
World Spirituality and Ethics*
Service Learning*

Fine Arts

Fundamentals of Art I
Fundamentals of Art II
Ceramics I*
Ceramics II*
Sculpture & Crafts I*
Sculpture & Crafts II*
Digital Photo Media I*
Digital Photo Media II*
Digital Design Media*
Documentary Film Studies*
Art Honors
Art Studio AP
Visual Art Honors
Visual Art HL IB
Theater I*
Film Appreciation*
Theatre Honors
Theatre HL IB
The History of Rock and Roll*
Singing for Non-Singers*
Music Theory*
Music Theory AP
Concert Choir
Music SL IB
Music HL IB

Physical Education

Physical Education I*
Strength and Fitness*
Nutrition and Exercise Science*


Internet Applications*
3D Modeling & Animation*
Introduction to Computer Science*
Computer Science (A) AP
Computer Science SL IB