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Student Support & Wellness

At CCES, we believe well-being is central to student life and to our entire community. We are dedicated to a culture of care, empathy, and resilience and strive to provide the appropriate support to nurture our students’ physical, social-emotional, academic, and spiritual development.

Social-Emotional Development

counselor with student


In partnership with students, teachers, parents, and our chaplaincy, our school counselors nurture students’ intellectual development, personal integrity, and emotional well-being, while helping to foster a sense of belonging for all students. Through individual meetings, small groups, and training workshops, the school counselor serves as a part of the CCES support system for students and parents in all three divisions.

In addition to counseling services, CCES supports students and parents, faculty and staff through Mindfulness programs which promote emotional, social, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

Students have opportunities to mentor others through programs like Cav Companions, Reading Buddies, and Senior-Primer events. Advisory groups in the Middle and Upper Schools give students a safe space where they are known and nurtured, where they can learn about themselves and each other.

Academic Development

teacher helps two upper school students


At CCES, we value the education and overall well-being of each student. Through the programs and services offered through the Achievement Center, we support CCES students from Primer (K) through 12th grade. The Achievement Center faculty includes a diverse group of dedicated professionals committed to meeting the individual needs of students while supporting and extending the rigorous academics offered at CCES.

To assist our classroom teachers, each division has two or more dedicated learning specialists who work with students to support their general academic learning and specific skill development. They also help students understand how they learn and help them in developing executive functions such as planning, organization, time management, self-monitoring, and workflow management. While CCES does not modify its academic program, classroom and test accommodations are available for students with documented and qualifying needs.

Physical Development

wrestling coach with student


CCES provides comprehensive care to all students, faculty, and staff. Two full-time registered nurses provide health assessments, emergency care for illness and injury, administer medications, and manage chronic conditions. In addition, we have a standing Medical Advisory Panel to help guide us in ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our school community. For our student athletes, CCES has two full-time athletic trainers who provide prevention services, emergency care, clinical examination and diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

Spiritual Development

lower school acolytes


Chaplains in every division are an important resource for students of all faiths. With weekly services, school-wide prayer walks, and time-honored traditions like Blessing of the Animals, International chapel, Journey to the Cross, and more, we seek to surround  students with love and support as they explore and ask questions along their own faith journeys.

2nd and 10th grade buddies meet