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The Achievement Center


At CCES, academic pursuits aren’t just about challenge; they are equally about support. We set high standards to push students’ intellectual boundaries, while providing a robust support system to ensure they have the tools and resources to excel.

Empowering Every Student

At CCES, we recognize that intellectual growth is a collaborative effort, and seeking guidance is a crucial part of the learning process. Through the programs and services offered by the Achievement Center (AC), we strive to assist students in their understanding of themselves as learners so that they have all the resources they need to meet challenges head-on, strengthening their skills and expanding their horizons.

The AC serves all CCES students from Primer(K) through 12th grade, offering a wide array of services designed to meet the myriad needs of our students, families, and faculty. 

achievement center

Our family has been so appreciative of the Achievement Center at CCES. The resources and support provided run the gamut from executive functioning help to subject-specific classes designed to meet a child where they are.  We have experienced, first-hand, how this group of gifted educators closes the gap with our children to meet needs that help them feel successful and on par with their peers in the classroom.

Angela & Ryan hornishParents of Blake '20, Meryl '22, Payne '25, & Mills '28 


Achievement Center Offerings

teacher and student in achievement center