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We cultivate a deep appreciation for the arts while promoting self-expression and consideration for the world around us.

Welcome to the vibrant Visual Arts Program at Christ Church Episcopal School, where creativity blossoms and artistic expression flourishes. Our program fosters a rich environment for artistic growth, offering students the opportunity to explore diverse mediums through interdisciplinary teaching and collaborations with visiting artists.

Lower School

lower school art student

In Lower School art, students explore various 2-D and 3-D media like drawing, painting, and sculpture. Each week, Primer-4th grade students have a 40-minute class where they practice basic skills and work on individual projects with visiting artists. The curriculum integrates art with classroom topics through the PYP Units of Inquiry, allowing students to respond creatively and learn about artists, cultures, and the purposes of art. Fourth graders also present a weekly Art Review. Additionally, 3rd and 4th graders can join Art Club once a week after school.

Middle School

middle school student in sculpture class

The Middle School Art curriculum focuses on drawing, collage, self-portrait, painting, and clay, aiming to engage students while promoting self-expression and understanding. Projects also address conservation through environmental art and recycled materials. Interdisciplinary teaching fosters connections between art, creativity, and other subjects. Idea development is encouraged through art history, nature observation, and imagination exploration, while aesthetic perception is enhanced through lessons on art elements and design principles. Additionally, an artist-in-residence program offers students opportunities to collaborate with professional artists on special projects each year.

Upper School

documentary film student

A wide variety of Upper School electives are available to students who are interested in refining their abilities and learning more about art, ceramics, photography, graphic design and much more.  Classes range from fundamentals of art, sculpture, and ceramics, to AP and IB art classes, as well as classes in digital media, journalism, photography, and documentary film. Shows are presented year round in the CCES Art Gallery.

Visiting Artists

Susanne Abrams

Dorothy Shain '08

Ayako Abe-Miller

Joe Edwards of Whiterock Studio

Middle School Art Class