At the Core

Why are the Arts important? There are so many reasons, so many benefits, that it's hard to consider them all and how they relate to your child's overall education. The following articles present new studies and data which confirm that the Arts dramatically improve cognitive function, enrich the overall lives of our students, and play an important role in our communities.

“The True Power of the Performing Arts”
Ben Cameron TED TALK

“Major benefits for students who attend live theater, study finds”
Science Daily

“Arts Education Transforms Societies”
by Robert Lynch, Huffington Post

“Art is Vital”
by James Hamblin, The Atlantic

“Study Finds Enhanced Executive Brain Function in People With Musical Training”
by Kamal Nayan, Counsel & Heal

“Six Reasons That the Arts Are the Ideal Vehicle to Teach 21st Century Success Skills”
by Lisa Phillips, Arts Blog

“STEM is incredibly valuable, but if we want the best innovators we must teach the arts”
by Justin Brady, The Washington Post

“Benefits of Music Education”
by Joy Hughes, CCES Lower School Newsletter