College Counseling

Highly Personalized Guidance for Each Student

One of the most compelling facets of our College Counseling Program is the personalized attention each student receives from our dedicated college counseling professionals.

CCES college counselors serve as resources, guides, and advisors to students as they maneuver through the sometimes-complex college process. They work closely with students to guide them through the initial stages of assessing individual needs and goals and in conducting thorough college research, they guide seniors through the college application process, and they ultimately see students through to the moment in which they select their new college homes.

During individual conferences with students and parents, our college counselors establish studentsí needs and goals and develop a preliminary list of schools appropriate for each studentís consideration. Equally important, the college counselors help students assess their own individual talents and achievements and define their personal interests and goals. Once students have carefully evaluated their talents and aspirations, they are better equipped to seek out colleges that match their academic and personal needs and expectations.

A Cooperative Journey of Self-Discovery

CCES college counselors view the college search process as a journey of self-discovery, one in which the student, parents, and the school cooperate as a team. In addition to numerous personalized, one-on-one meetings with each student and their parents, educational seminars are held annually.

The journey begins in the ninth grade. Our program is designed to guide students to make the most of their high school years, both academically and socially. As sophomores, students and their families engage more deeply in early college planning. Then, through a series of monthly college counseling seminars for CCES juniors and seniors, students meet in group settings to learn the more technical aspects of the college process. This involves topics such as how to research colleges, prepare for interviews, write college essays, build personal resumes, and complete the application process.

In addition to our work with CCES families, our college counselors develop and maintain strong working relationships with our college admissions colleagues. College admission deans and directors, as well as college financial aid directors, serve as guest speakers each year for our evening programs. In addition, dozens of college and university admission representatives visit CCES every fall to meet with students. Our students also have the opportunity to talk with over 100 college representatives at the annual fall Greenville County College Fair, for which CCES is a sponsor.