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As members of the Board of Visitors, we have the privilege to serve as ambassadors for CCES and to tell others in the greater community about this very special place. Our members, up to 100 in number, are appointed by the Board of Trustees, and we have two meetings a year, in the fall and spring, so that we can stay informed of all that is happening at CCES.

Board of Visitors

Mr. Nelson B. Arrington, Jr.
Mrs. Jacqueline Greer Bell ’65
Mrs. Mary Jane Brock ’63
Mrs. Patricia Campbell
Mr. William M. Campbell III ’78
Mr. Langdon Cheves, Jr.
Mr. Barry E. Cox ’77
William Crawford
Ms. Kathryn K. Cubbage
Mrs. Nancie Dixon
Mr. Andrew E. Effron ’81
Mr. Daniel M. Einstein ’79
Mr. Nathan A. Einstein
Mrs. Frances Ellison ’68
Mrs. Eva-Marie Theisen Fox ’83
Mrs. Donna P. Friedman ’82
Mr. Richard H. Furman, Sr. ’72
Mr. D. Brooks Gibbins ’91
Mrs. Harriet M. Goldsmith
Mr. Donald L. Harrison, Jr. ’79

Mrs. Rebecca Hartness
Mrs. Patricia Haskell-Robinson
Mrs. Jamie Horowitz
Mrs. Ernest M. Horton, Jr.
Mr. Robert E. Hughes Jr. ’67
Mrs. Jean Hunt
Mrs. Mary Jane Jacques ’72
Mr. Joe Jennings
Mrs. Elizabeth Kehl
Mrs. Elaine Kent
Mr. David G. King ’80
Mr. Arthur C. McCall, Jr.
Mr. W. de B. Mebane
Mr. Charles C. Mickel ’75
Mrs. Patricia Mitchell
Mr. James Morton
Mrs. Libby Myers
Mr. A. Robert Nachman II ’82
Mr. Edgar M. Norris, Jr.
Mrs. Ben K. Norwood Jr.

Veena Mathur O'Brien
Mr. David Posek
Mr. Christopher P. Robinson ’80
Mrs. Sally Russell
Mr. Daniel S. Sanders, Jr.
Mrs. Minor Shaw
Mrs. Betty B. Smoak
Mrs. John M. Sterling, Jr.
Mr. Roger H. Stone ’75
Mr. R. Jack Stripling, Jr.
Mr. R. Shane Taylor 
Mr. Nick A. Theodore
Mrs. Sherri R. Timmons
Mr. William R. Timmons III ’67
Mr. Seiji Tsuzuki ‘89
Mr. William M. Webster IV ’75
Mrs. Sarah P. White
Mr. Mack I. Whittle, Jr.
Mrs. Vivian A. Wong
Mrs. Marguerite R. Wyche ’65


As both a parent and a grandparent of CCES students, I have witnessed first-hand the very positive impact of the school on our children. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve with the Board of Visitors and, in doing so, stay connected to the vibrant life of this very special place that has meant so much to me and my family.
- Betty Smoak, Board of Visitors Chair