Endowment is important to CCES in several ways. Annually, endowment accounts provide a stream of interest revenue, a portion of which helps support the daily operations of the school. There are also specifically earmarked endowment accounts for scholarships, building maintenance, faculty salaries, and professional development, and technology.

Endowments are also important to the long-term viability of the school. During periods of fluctuation in enrollment, endowment income helps smooth the gaps.

In 2010-11 endowment accounted for 2.9% of total CCES revenues, or slightly more than $462,000. While this is not a negligible sum by any means, it is low compared to other independent schools of our size. For these reasons, growing the school’s endowment remains a strategic priority.

A gift to endowment is truly “the gift that keeps on giving.” Your gift to the CCES endowment can support the school in perpetuity and can help provide for generations of CCES students. We encourage you to consider making an endowment gift as part of your legacy.

To discuss your thoughts and plans regarding endowment gifts, please contact Bibby Sierra, Director of Development, at 864.331.4233 or sierrab@cces.org.