Faculty Recommendations

“Faculty recommendations are where CCES students have an enormous advantage,” according to Linda Schulz, Director of College Counseling. “Our teachers know our students well. The letters they write for our seniors are highly personalized and insightful. No two are ever alike. Our teachers put a great deal of thought into these letters. They know what it can mean to a student’s future.”

According to Upper School history teacher Kristi Ferguson, one of the teachers most frequently asked for an academic recommendation, it takes at least two hours to draft each one. “And then I revise,” she added. Averaging some 15-20 letters a year, she puts in many extra hours writing recommendations.

“Since I teach the students as juniors, I focus on growth and maturity,” she said, explaining her approach. “I try to bring in actual examples of what the student has written, especially if the student is one of my IB seniors, because then I can discuss research done in the class. It is great when I am the senior thesis or extended essay advisor because I can talk about that, too. If the student is my advisee, I try to bring in something personal. When I wrote the ones last year, I was able to discuss our advisee volunteer time at the Sterling Recreation Center."

“Our students have worked hard and accomplished a great deal by the time they are ready to apply to college,” said Mrs. Schulz. “Our faculty certainly do a superb job of preparing them academically.”

“And,” she added, “through comprehensive letters of recommendation, our faculty are also able to serve as strong advocates for our students as they apply to college.”