Faith in the Future: Athletics

Athletics is a source of pride at CCES. The school’s athletic program recently expanded to a record number of 47 teams and saw 78% of eligible students in grades 7-12 participate in at least one sport.

Through the Faith in the Future campaign, donors were responsible for new construction and improvements to existing facilities. The newly constructed Robertson-Navarro Baseball Pavilion provides a press box, concessions, and restrooms. The tennis courts were relocated to a more favorable site, eliminating future erosion problems and enabling the addition of a sixth court and bleachers. The former site of the tennis courts was regraded for a practice soccer field that can also be used as a general playing field. The six-lane track in Carson Stadium was completely regraded and topped with a rubberized surface, making it suitable for interscholastic competition. To further enhance the track’s amenities, a pole vault pit was added.


Photo: The newly constructed Robertson-Navarro Baseball Pavilion

Additional improvements to athletic facilities included new lighting and seating for Carson Stadium, air-conditioning and bleachers at McCall Field House, and an extension of Linda Reeves Field to accommodate lacrosse.