IB Diploma Program

The IB program allowed me to receive 18 credit hours so I came into college half way through freshman year.  This is allowing me to double major, skip a lot of my general education classes that everyone dreads, and register for classes as a sophomore this spring. Many classes require you have at least a certain class level (sophomore, junior, or senior) to register for them - so IB enabled me to have a bit of an edge.

IB was the best possible thing I could have ever done with my time at CCES.  Not only did I learn how to write and connect with people internationally, but I also learned time management skillsó something many of my peers struggle with. I was talking with some friends in class the other day about how I am in bed every night by 10pm.  A student interjected and said, "How can you do that?!" To which I replied, "I prioritize."

Many of my peers have never had to buckle down and study.  Many more have never been assigned a paper and expected to have it done within three days.  IB and CCES prepared me so well for my both my education and professional career.  Everyday I'm so thankful to be a part of this world wide family.

- Mikaela Towler, CCES Class of 2016

An Outstanding Record

Christ Church Episcopal School is an International Baccalaureate World School, authorized in 1999 to offer the IB Diploma Program. Since the first CCES IB graduating class in 2001, 91 percent of our candidates have successfully earned the prestigious diploma. On average, 25 percent of each class elects the IB curriculum.

IB Diploma Requirements

The program has four components:

  • Study of six courses, including English, a second language, social studies, science, math, and either a fine art or another subject chosen from the first five categories. Courses are offered at either a Higher Level (HL) or a Standard Level (SL). Students are required to study three courses at HL and three at SL;
  • Extended Essay, a research paper in an academic subject chosen by the student;
  • Theory of Knowledge, a course designed to encourage students to examine the nature of knowledge by looking at different ways of knowing and different areas of knowledge;
  • Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), an extracurricular activity requiring students to learn from experiences beyond the classroom.

Students take written examinations at the end of each course of study. These are marked by external IB examiners.

Students also complete assessment tasks in school, which may be assessed by classroom teachers or sent directly to external examiners. The diploma is awarded to students who attain the requisite number of points on their work.

For more information contact Upper School IB Coordinator, Amanda Beckrich at 864.299.1522 x1247 or at beckricha@cces.org. For more general IB Program information visit http://www.ibo.org.