Lower School Visual Arts

In the Lower School visual arts program, a variety of 2-D and 3-D media are presented as students explore the creative process through drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, fiber arts, etc.

Primer students have two 40 minute classes each week, and an enrichment class each month. Grades 1-4 have one 40 minute class each week. Students practice basic art skills and techniques each year while learning to apply the elements and principles of design to express their ideas, experiences, and imagination.

The PYP Units of Inquiry provide a relevant and authentic context for students to respond creatively through media to classroom topics.  At each grade level, students investigate artists, artworks, and cultures. They learn about the purposes of art in the past and present.They recognize many different kinds of art and participate in making informed judgements about artworks.  Fourth graders present a weekly Art Review to the school audience. They inform about the many ways to create, enjoy, and interpret artwork.

Art Club

Art Club is a weekly extracurricular program for 3rd and 4th grade students. Students create group projects, including ornaments for the St. Francis Festival of Trees. They perform service for the community, including collecting art supplies for donation to local programs for the less fortunate. Activities also include field trips to local or regional museums, exploring new media and techniques, and the annual Art Fair in May. 

Gallery Shows

Student work can be viewed throughout the year in the main commons area of the Lower School. The annual Lower School Art Fair in mid-May is a highlight of the Special Friendís Day celebration. All P-4 student art work created during the school year is exhibited. The Art Fair is a special time for students to share and talk about their work with parents and classmates.