Marguerite Ramage Wyche Alumni Service Award

This award was established in 1992 and named in honor of the first CCES Alumni Association President. The recipient of this award shall be an alumnus/alumna who has provided exemplary and dedicated service to the School. This award may not be awarded to the same person within a five (5) year time period. Any alumnus/a may nominate an alum or non-graduating alum for this award at any time of year. The Alumni Association Board votes at the April meeting to determine the recipient to be honored during the following school year.

Click here for a list of past Award Recipients:

Dan Einstein 79

Marguerite Ramage Wyche 65

Barkley D. Rickman 79

M. Gwinn Earle 85

John F. Parrott 65

Mary Jane Gilbert Jacques 72

Frances D. Ellison 68

Ted Hassold 79

Ike Poplin 80

Allison Martin Mertens 81

Samuel W. Outten 78

John Walter 77

Martha Wood McKissick 82

Bob Nachman 82

Wesley Walker 93

Kathy Hunt Marion 77

Elliott Goldsmith 96

Jonathan Breazeale 87

Kelly Sherman Ramirez 83

Helen Wallace 76

Elizabeth Reyner Gross 87

Dena Stone Benedict 78


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