Middle School Visual Arts

The Middle School Art curriculum is designed to engage students in art through a concentrated study of  drawing, collage, self-portrait, painting, and clay. In addition to building art-making skills, art projects within these media seek to connect to a middle school studentís natural interests and promote self-understanding by means of self-expression. A supplementary focus is placed on conservation issues through environmental art projects and the use of recycled materials.

The program also seeks to enrich studentsí understanding of other subjects. Through interdisciplinary and correlative approaches to the teaching of art, students learn to make important connections between art, creativity and other subject information.

Idea development is encouraged by studying art history, directly observing nature, and exploring oneís own imagination. Aesthetic perception is heightened by lessons and activities that allow students to see and work with the elements of art and principles of design. Finally, an artist-in-residence program allows students to participate in special projects lead by a visiting professional artist each year.

5th Grade

A curriculum consisting of general art instruction, 5th Graders meet for art class once a week all year long. Engaging projects are paired with expectations to explore individual creativity and imagination in addition to building art skills.

6th Grade

In an effort to create smaller class sizes and the ability for students to pursue their individual interests, 6th Graders are given the opportunity to make a choice about the related arts classes they would like to study. The art program offers 2D Art and 3D Art as selections in this structure. 2D Art focuses on 2D design, drawing, painting, and printmaking, 3D Art narrows its curriculum focus to 3D design, sculpture, and ceramics. Both courses meet twice a week for the entire year, and it is possible for students to choose both offerings, allowing them to have art four times a week all year long.

7th Grade

General art instruction continues in the 7th grade with students meeting for art every day for a 12 week period as part of a related arts rotation with Christian Education and Technology.  Projects for 7th Graders build on the skills developed in 5th and 6th grade art with an emphasis on individual improvement and effort. Students are encouraged to be risk-takers, close observers, creative thinkers, and careful craftsman. Engaging lessons allow for practice of these skills and habits.

Art Elective

Art elective offerings are designed to give gifted art students and students seeking to study more art during the year an opportunity to do so. The elective meets during the study hall period. Challenging projects are designed for the dedicated and enthusiastic art students in this course, and the curriculum often contains some unique opportunities for collaboration and field studies as well. 


Each year, a group of ďArt StarsĒ are chosen and honored during our awards assembly at the end of the year. A select group of artwork is chosen from this group to be framed, displayed in the middle school, and used as models of excellence in the classroom. Upon graduation, parents and students may elect to take these select works home or add them to our permanent collection.


Look for our Fall Art Show displaying current 6th, 7th, and 8th grade studentsí work from the previous school year, opening in conjunction with Grandparentís Day.