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Spotlight On: Seth Snyder, CCES Class of 2018

by Jamie Bryant, Director of Marketing & PR
As Seth Snyder’s school year began, so did his search for the right college.  With the help of the CCES College Counseling office and his College Counselor Bartley Sides, Seth set his sights on esteemed universities such as George Washington, Wake Forest, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Princeton, Dartmouth, Duke, Furman, University of South Carolina Honors, Georgetown, NYU, and William and Mary.  He decided on The University of Virginia for its challenging academics, range of internship opportunities, rich student life and traditional residential campus.  The average freshman retention rate at UVA is 97 percent— not a bad indicator of student satisfaction!
Having always been someone who is interested in global, regional, and domestic relations on the world stage, it’s no surprise that Seth intends to double major in Economics and Foreign Affairs.  An​ ​avid​ ​reader, Seth closely follows the news and is politically​ ​engaged, frequently reading multiple news sources daily. Seth’s family lived internationally and moved multiple times before he arrived at CCES as a ninth grader.  “Being a part of the CCES community has been a life-defining experience for me,” he says. “The fact that I can walk down the hallway and recognize everybody in the school and have dozens of friends from my own class all the way down to the freshman class really makes me feel like part of a big family.”  He goes on to credit his teachers for caring so much and pushing him to find success in the classroom.
Conversely, Seth’s value to CCES can hardly be overstated.  He’s run track for four years and cross country for three, captaining the team as a senior and receiving the Boys’ Cross Country Coaches Award in 2017.  He’s been a valued member of our Speech and Debate team for four years, also captaining that team as a senior and receiving the Degree of Excellence from the National Speech and Debate Association.  Seth has beenpart of our student delegation at the annual Youth in Government for the past three years, and the Defense Attorney on our Mock Trial team, all while taking advantage of the International Baccalaureate curriculum and receiving Honor Roll or High Honor Roll throughout his time in the Upper School.  Did I mention that he was inducted into the National Spanish Honors Society in 11th grade, and received the James Otis Scholar Award, an award given to a student who has proven to be a great citizen through education and overall excellence, that same year?
Indeed, Seth Snyder loves learning and places a high regard on education.  Mr. Sides calls Seth, “a​ ​determined,​ ​yet​ ​somewhat​ ​quiet​ ​thinker​.  Seth is never satisfied accepting the world as it is. He is constantly working to improve his surroundings and those around him.  He​ ​embodies​ ​grit,​ ​honor,​ ​and​ ​integrity​, but most of all, he is hungry to learn.”
Seth’s hunger for knowledge will endure, and he will be an earnest learner not only at UVA, but during the course of his life— which I’m certain will be a truly rich and rewarding one.
What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?  Not starting to work on my Theory of Knowledge presentation until 9pm the night before because my partner didn’t get back from his fencing tournament in Europe until 8pm that day. We met at the only Starbucks that was open until midnight to work on it and then worked on it at home until 1:30. We gave the presentation
on 4 hours of sleep. Did I even know what I was saying by that point? No. Did we ace it? Yes.
If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?  I’d open up a 50s themed retro diner. We would have really good waffles, burgers, an ice cream bar, etc. All the waiters would go around on roller skates and obviously, there would be a jukebox. It would be like Waffle House, Johnny
Rockets, and Steak and Shake all combined into something magical.
If you could travel back in time and visit your younger self, what grade would you go
back to and why?  I’d go back to sophomore year and tell myself not to take IB. Just kidding, IB is a great experience. Don’t tell Mrs. Beckrich I said that!
What is playing on your ipod right now?  “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley
If you won a million-dollar lottery, how would you use it?  I would give a quarter of it to charity, put another quarter into savings, and invest the rest of it in Vanguard Total Stock Market Index... or maybe I’d start that retro diner, tough decision.
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