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Young Entrepreneur Ramiah Dogan, CCES Class of 2022

by Jamie Bryant, Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications

Entrepreneurship. It’s never too late, or in this case too early, to pursue one’s dreams of being a business owner.
Beauty Released is a young business started by Ramiah Dogan, Class of 2022 and a student at CCES since her Primer (K5) year. Beauty Released consists of products such as Whipped Body Butter, Lip Balm, Lip Scrub, Hand and Body Lotion, Soap Bombs, Salt and Sugar Hand Scrubs, and Soap Bars. The idea for this business was inspired years ago when Ramiah was in the 3rd grade and participated in a project called Kids in Business”, an assignment that our 3rd graders still participate in today. Although the concept has morphed and changed over the years, grade-wide, students create a "product" and are responsible for every aspect of the Kids In Business project— from the concept, to purchasing supplies, manufacturing, marketing, selling, and finally figuring out profit and loss. When Ramiah was a third grader, she sold soap. She says that over the years she became more interested in skin care testing products like body butter, soaps, lotions, and bath bombs. 
Her mission at the onset of her business was simple. “When I first started, the goal was to help people feel good about themselves and to build confidence and self-esteem,” she says. “Beauty Released is a product to bring the inner beauty of a person outward. I realized products such as bath bombs, lotions, body butter, and soap are good for skin health and pleasurable to the touch. Consequently, my quest on how to learn how to make these products and create different forms of these products was born.”
Ramiah’s curiosity about skin health ties right in with her interest in healthcare. In fact, despite the success of Beauty Released, Ramiah has her sights set on one day becoming a trauma surgeon. She is ambitious, resourceful, accomplished, and unassuming about all of it.
Her family, friends, school, and church have always been onboard and a significant source of support. She advises always trying to surround oneself with people who love and support you. Ramiah first launched her products at a church event and it grew from there. Today, she has a small shop set-up in her dad’s office and customers stop by all the time. “I am happy to say that my supporters turned into my customers,” Ramiah beams. "People spread the word and they reach out to me. My sisters and my mom help me make the products.” “In the beginning, I had testers to get their opinion and make sure I was doing everything right to the best of my ability,” she explains. “The people at my church made big orders for the holidays to give out at their jobs and their friends love it. I am truly thankful.”
Ramiah advertises for Beauty Released mostly by word of mouth and via social media. She’s quickly learned the power of both when it comes to driving traffic and sales.  Both a website and Etsy shop for her products are underway.
From this inspiring young woman we can see that it doesn't matter how old or how young you are, nor how big or how small your idea is. Entrepreneurship can be achieved— all you have to do to get your business ideas to blossom is find some support and put the work in.  “If I had to give advice to a person that was just starting out or wanted to," Ramiah says, "I would tell them to have faith and to believe in themselves. That will truly go a long way.”  
To find out more about Beauty Released or to order product, message @beautyreleased003 on Instagram or contact Ramiah Dogan at

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    • Ramiah Dogan, CCES Class of 2022

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