Board of Trustees

Not pictured: Mr. R. Shane Taylor, Immediate Past Chair, Mr. Beattie B. Ashmore, Mr. Rodney R. Hinton and Mrs. Shirley Roe Tuck

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  • 2018-19 CCES Board of Trustees

    Mrs. Cary H. Weekes '98, Chair
    Mr. L. James “Jim” Hendrix III, Vice Chair
    Mr. Isaac S. “Ike” Poplin '82, Sr., Secretary 
    Mr. R. Shane Taylor, Immediate Past Chair
    Mr. Beattie B. Ashmore '77, Sr.
    Rev. Sean D. Dogan
    Mr. Grant R. "Rey" Essex III
    Mrs. Jeannette T. Goldsmith
    Mr. Rodney R. Hinton
    Mrs. Katie S. Howell '92
    Mr. John M. Jennings '84
    The Rev. Dr. Harrison M. McLeod, Rector
    Dr. Veena Mathur O’Brien
    The Hon. A. Marvin Quattlebaum, Jr.
    Dr. John F. “Trip” Renfro III
    Mrs. Luanne L. Runge
    Dr. John L. Sanders
    Mrs. Betty H. Teague, Vestry
    Mrs. Shirley Roe Tuck
    Mrs. Langhorne “Lanny” T. Webster
"I know sometimes we think we live in quiet and quaint Greenville, South Carolina, but what we are doing here at CCES is at the forefront of education. We are the leaders and the innovators. We are giving these kids, not just the facts and figures they need to know, but the value systems and skill-sets they need to be successful adults in a rapidly changing world. We are teaching kids to be human in a world that needs humanity." - Cary Weekes, Board Chair
The CCES Board of Trustees has 19 voting members for 2018-2019. A simple majority of trustees must be Episcopalian. At least two (2) trustees must be members of Christ Church, one of whom is a representative of the Vestry. The Vestry representative serves as a voting member.

The Board meets five (5) times per year, and trustees are not compensated. Trustees serve terms of four (4) years, with an option for two (2) consecutive terms. Trustees may rotate off for one year and stand for election again.

Standing committees include Finance, Trustees, Advancement, Religious Life, Executive, and By-laws. The Committee on Trustees also serves as the nominating committee. The Headmaster serves as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of all committees—standing and ad hoc.
A CCES education prepares students to think deeply, act responsibly, live vigorously, believe faithfully, lead resolutely, and create imaginatively.