Student-Driven Projects

Sophomore Project, Extended Essay, and Senior Thesis

Over the course of CCES student's career in the Upper School, they will have two significant experiences involving research and community impact as individuals and in teams.

Sophomores: During first semester, students begin their Sophomore Projects with writing a formal research paper aligned with the setting of world literature and global issues. Later in the year, students are grouped based on the themes within their research. This process requires groups to collaborate, interview, empathize, and again use research skills to create presentations that are delivered before an audience of faculty, family, and classmates.

Seniors: The Senior Thesis is initiated with the choosing of a topic and a mentor and is concluded with a formal juried presentation. Papers receive pass, fail or honors grades and are recorded on a studentís transcript. Students are required to complete the Senior Thesis as follows:

A. Produce a research-based paper of approximately 10-15 pages.
B. Incorporate a project portion or hands-on activity relating to the paper.
C. Select a faculty mentor to guide the student in the paper/activity.
D. Complete 100 hours of documented time.
E. Present an oral presentation as a major component.

A required component of the IB Diploma Program, the Extended Essay begins in the spring of the junior year under the guidance of a faculty mentor and concludes in December of the senior year. In January and February, Extended Essay oral presentations are made.