The Achievement Center

Welcome to the Christ Church Episcopal School (CCES) Achievement Center website. At CCES, we value the education and overall well-being of each student. We strive to assist students in their understanding of themselves as learners. We believe that the more students understand themselves and their individual profiles of strengths and weaknesses, the more they’re able to use their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. The more our children understand their own learning, the more independent they become and the more joy they get out of the learning experience.

Through the programs and services offered by the Achievement Center, we support CCES students from Primer (K) through 12th grade. Our many support services focus on enrichment, remediation and consultation with students, faculty and families.

The Achievement Center faculty includes a diverse group of dedicated professionals committed to meeting the individual needs of students while supporting and extending the rigorous academics offered at CCES.

I hope you will come by and visit us at the Achievement Center. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore the range of programs and services we offer.

Dr. Mary Ann “Macy” Scott, Achievement Center Director

Academic Support Services

Achievement Center (AC) services reflect Christ Church Episcopal School’s commitment to supporting and challenging all students. The AC offers a wide array of services designed to meet the myriad needs of our students, families and faculty. The Achievement Center Director and Learning Specialists collaborate closely with the Directors of the Lower School, Middle School and Upper School divisions to coordinate and deliver student support services. 

AC Learning Specialists at Each Division

Divisional Learning Specialists provide direct services in each of their divisions through the provision of small-group intervention programming. They also write Student Learning Plans (SLPs) for those students with documented learning differences. The SLPs, based on data obtained from an up-to-date psychoeducational evaluation, are shared with teachers to enhance understanding of a student’s learning profile and create recommendations for classroom differentiation. Achievement Center professionals also work with students to develop the independence and self-advocacy skills needed to be successful at Christ Church Episcopal School and beyond. Additionally, Learning Specialists provide consultation services to families and teachers around prevention, intervention and differentiation strategies.  

AC Clubs & Classes

While some students require minimal support and/or accommodations, others may require more substantial services. Using multi-sensory techniques, Achievement Center instruction focuses on bolstering a student’s strengths and remediating or accommodating for a student’s particular area of weakness. Small class instruction, available for 3rd through 8th grade, includes sequential, multi-sensory, intensive instruction in reading, written expression and/or mathematics. This type of instruction is intended to narrow or close the achievement gap between a student’s academic performance and ability.

Through the Achievement Center, the Upper School offers a hybrid Spanish program that allows students who, because of a diagnosed learning difference, may complete a two-year Spanish course in three years. This language program meets all requirements for graduation at CCES.

Testing Accommodations

Classroom and testing accommodations, which do not fundamentally alter the school’s mission, are also available for students with identified learning differences. Final determination of which accommodations are deemed appropriate at CCES are made by the Achievement Center Director, not by an outside agency. For more detailed information on Testing Accommodations, please see the Student/Parent Handbook. 

Individual Tutoring

Individualized tutoring, including Orton-Gillingham and content area tutoring, is also available at CCES’s Achievement Center. One-to-one and small group academic coaching are offered to assist students who struggle with organization, study skills and/or time management. Coaches and Learning Specialists guide students through the processes of homework, projects, organization of materials, and time management. 

Enrichment Services

Students identified as highly capable may participate in Achievement Center enrichment programs. Enrichment opportunities include computer-based programs in conjunction with outside agencies and independent study classes. The Achievement Center Director and Learning Specialists also provide teacher consultation on classroom differentiation for all students, including those in need of enrichment. 

Additional Support for Students

Our CCES community is committed to helping each student reach his or her potential. Our faculty members are quick to help students problem-solve and are engaged with them in and out of the classroom. If you are interested in exploring opportunities available at CCES, please contact the Admission Office at 864.331.4223.  A visit to our campus will highlight the many ways in which the Achievement Center benefits the Cavalier community.