Upper School Drama

Theatre 1

This Upper School class focuses on learning the fundamentals of theatre through scene study, play analysis, improvisation, designing sets, and studying the major figures of theatre history and their methods.  Students will learn how the design and production elements come together with the performers to create a live production.  The class will go see a few local productions, and learn from guest artists throughout the term. 

IB Theatre

This 2 year Higher Level class explores many different methods and techniques of world theatre.  The focus is on 4 major projects:

The Research Investigation

Students choose a non-familiar theatrical tradition, a play from that tradition, and an element to focus on.  They are to research the tradition in order to inform the production. This will not be performed.

The Practical Performance Proposal

There are 5 prescribed stimuli to choose from.  Students develop a theatrical concept based on which stimulus they choose.  This allows student to be creative and explore concepts without the pressure of putting them together for a real production.  They gather inspiration and figure out how it will become a performance.

Independent Project

This is the project that must be exercised in front of an audience. Each student picks an acting, design, or directing technique, researches it, and tries it out in the rehearsal process of any of our staged productions.  Most of these occur in our IB Spring Play.

Performance Presentation

Each IB Theatre student must give a 30 minute, non-scripted oral presentation on how their ideas of theatre have developed in the last 2 years. This reflection is backed up with images, and should cover a wide-range of experiences.


In one of the most marketable skills that also remains a tremendous fear for most people, this Speech class assists students in developing the skills to deliver a variety of speeches with polish and flair. This class will help increase confidence in a variety of ways and prepare students with the real-world skill of public speaking in an environment that is both supportive and fun.

Fall Drama

This non-musical performance is presented in the Auditorium,  either in later October or early November.  Previous performance include The Kitchen, The Government Inspector, Reckless, Black Comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Visit, Rhinoceros, Rough Crossing, Museum, Ubu Roi, and many decades more!

Upper School Musical

The longest-standing tradition in the arts at CCES is the winter musical, which usually involves about 30-40 students in the cast and crew.  New theatre teacher, Reed Halvorson, is thrilled to carry the torch and brings his extensive professional and educational experience as a technician and director to create shows that rival most college and community theatres.  Previous performances include Anything Goes, Hello Dolly, Legally Blonde, South Pacific, The Sound of Music, Les Miserables, Grease, and many more.

IB Spring Show 

This is a student-produced non-musical play, presented each April in a non-traditional theatre space.  As part of their IB Independent Project, these students act, direct, design, and produce the entire production.  This is something you usually see in colleges, but in the Upper School we believe that giving a production entirely to students teaches them something immeasurable about being an ensemble, and what it really takes to put it together.