Upper School Visual Arts

Fundamentals of Art

Also known as Fun Art, this yearlong class covers drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, crafts, ceramics, and design. A Fun Art II class is also offered as  a semester or a yearlong course. These classes prepare the student for higher level AP and IB classes. All grade levels, 9-12, are welcome.

Sculpture and Crafts

This course is for the student who wants to explore three dimensional art. We explore a variety of materials and processes in this semester class. You may continue your learning in Sculpture and Crafts II. Some past projects created were clay sculptures, found object figurative artwork, basket making with telephone wire, wood scrap painted assemblages, painted furniture, wood burning, jewelry, instruments such as clay drums, cigar box guitar etc.


This is a place for students to come to slow down and think outside the box. While learning the fundamentals of hand building and throwing on the potterís wheel, students are encouraged to dream big and express their creative side. Three dimensional design and craftsmanship are emphasized so students will be proud to exhibit their artwork in the CCES Upper School Gallery.

Art Honors

This course is the foundation class that begins preparing a studentís AP Portfolio. Each student chooses one of three portfolio options: drawing, two dimensional design, or three dimensional design. During this first year, 12 art works are completed using a variety of techniques and concepts. Their study culminates with a show in the Upper School Art Gallery. A studentís study culminates with a show in the Upper School Art Gallery.

Art Studio AP

This is the final course taken to complete an AP Portfolio. The student continues in his chosen portfolio option,completing 12 artworks connected by media and theme. All 24 artworks are submitted digitally at the end of the year to AP for evaluation.

Visual Art Honors

Visual Art Honors is the first class preparing students for several Research Workbooks. This year of art study includes a variety of art techniques, concepts and skills to help students experiment and create with awareness of a world view. Their study culminates with a show in the Upper School Art Gallery.

IB Visual Art

This is the final art class for IB. The students continue the Research Workbook as they create 18 artworks for their final show. The students send photos of their artwork and journal pages to IB for marking.  This study culminates with a show in the Upper School Art Gallery.

Digital Media

The Digital Media course explores a variety of professional design projects centering on graphic design, 3-D architectural design, and packaging design. Beginning with a study of typography, students will create several projects on the Macintosh computer using a variety of software programs, such as Adobe CS5 Photoshop and Illustrator along with 3-D SketchUp.


This course emphasizes the fundamentals of news production. Students will gain practice in writing publishable articles of many types, including interview, feature, news, entertainment, and sports stories. Students are assigned specific newspaper management and editorial jobs and are responsible for the design and layout of the newspaper, the selection of articles to be covered, the scheduling and enforcement of deadlines, the editing of the stories that will go into the newspaper, and the production of videos and photo galleries.

Gallery Shows

Shows are presented year round in the CCES Gallery. The advanced shows for IB and AP Art are in March and April.