For so many reasons, the 2020-2021 school year was one to remember. My first year as Head of School at CCES, I relished every moment as I got to know this wonderful place: the learning we nurture, the traditions we honor, and the people—past, present, and future—who define us. But getting to know this place while also navigating the pandemic means I might have been witnessing a somewhat skewed version of our community.
One year later, having come through last year and having entered my second year as Head, I am encouraged that those things I saw last year were, in fact, completely representative of what really makes CCES so special: our community spirit, our shared efforts, and our will to overcome adversity.
In this report, we once again highlight the academics, arts, athletics, and extracurriculars of the past year. Unlike last year, however, I do not feel compelled to dwell too much on the challenges we faced; instead, I can simply focus on all the positive things that make us what and who we are.
Markers of “normal” have made their way back into our lives: fourth grade patrol during carline, service projects both on and off campus, parent volunteers in the bookstores, full stadiums and stands at athletic events, smiles at lunch in common spaces, corporate worship in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, and actual audiences during performances in Rooke Theater.
Once again, I hope you find this report to reflect an appreciation of our collective spirit and a preview of more good things to come, all made possible by our spirit of power, strength, and hope.
We can only be our best with your support, so as always, thanks to all of you for what you do for CCES.
With gratitude,

David Padilla
Head of School

Dear CCES Community,
2020 was quite the interesting time to be living. The start of the 2020-2021 school year feels both like yesterday and a million years ago at the same time. Thanks to an impossibly hard-working and creative administrative team, the school reopened that fall on-time and in-person in a very welcome moment we all felt for so many different reasons. CCES was once again delivering best in class education to students on campus, and demand for the school had never been higher. Despite the circumstances, students and faculty alike were excited to be together again. It was wonderful to witness the sense of community return so quickly despite the separation, proof of the strength of the fabric that weaves throughout the school.

It was also an interesting time to introduce any new Head of School to any community, but David Padilla jumped right in and got to work. All plans for large gatherings to introduce him to the community crafted pre-Pandemic were canceled, so he was in one division’s carline or another every morning, going to as many sporting events as possible to meet parents, hosting 1 on 1’s for every faculty member, and really getting to know the students, especially the seniors before they graduated.  

Though David quickly got to know those inside the walls, by spring he was able to meet more and more families and to engage in small group conversations about the school with more people. Thank you all for trusting his re-opening plan and welcoming him with open arms during such an odd time in the life of our school and the world. David has quickly proven himself to be a steady hand during a crisis like Covid, and I’ve enjoyed watching him embody everything it means to be a Cavalier. We are fortunate to have such a passionate, fair, and savvy leader guiding the future of CCES.  

Thank you to all the families who made the year a success with their philanthropy. And to those who faced a year they couldn’t contribute, your partnership with the school kept students on-campus and in-person during a time when so many other students in the area weren’t as lucky. Last year’s success launched the school into its best year yet.  The future is bright for CCES.

Cary Weekes
Chair, Board of Trustees