The 2022-2023 school year marked the sixty-third in our school’s history, and to think of all that has happened over those six decades is indeed incredible.
From a small, mission-driven school on the Christ Church campus downtown to a visionary move to our current campus off of Mauldin Road in the early-1970s to our fully realized position as the leader in independent school education—not merely in Greenville or the Upstate but in all of South Carolina—ours is a story of dedication, adaptation, and inspiration.
There is so much to celebrate as our entire community has grown and matured, and in this report, we once again highlight the academics, arts, athletics, and extracurriculars of the past year which mark the unbroken tradition of excellence of CCES. Our rich history laid the foundation for our present; our present lays the foundation for our future.
We remain fully focused on all the positive things that make us what and who we are today even as we take definitive steps toward making our vision for the future a reality.
With that in mind, I hope you find this report to reflect an appreciation of our CCES spirit, a reminder of what we have in this special place, and (as always) a preview of more good things to come, all made possible by our spirit of power, strength, and hope.
Your unfailing support makes all that we do possible, so as always, thanks to all of you for what you do for CCES.

With gratitude,
David Padilla
Head of School