Facility Rentals

1. Achievement Center
2. Hartness Performing Arts Center
3. Baseball Field
4. Batting Cages
5. Booster Club Pavillion
6. Business, advancement, & Admission Offices
7. Carson Stadium
8. Cavalier Training Center
9. Central Campus Entry
10. Chapel of the Good Shepherd
11. Linda Reeves Field Hockey + Lacrosse Field
12. Lower School Carpool Entrance
13. Lower School, Head of School’s Office
14. Lower School Pick-Up/Drop-Off
15. Lower School Playground
16. McCall Field House
17. Middle School
18. Middle School Entry
19. Middle School Parking
20. Parking
21. Robertson-Navarro Baseball Pavillion
22. Upper Playing Field
23. Tennis Courts
24. Upper School
25. Upper School Entrance
26. Upper School Parking
27. Lower Playing Field
Christ Church Episcopal School rents its facilities year-round for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, practices, tournaments, leagues, performances, conferences or meeting spaces. As an Episcopal Independent School, CCES reserves the right to rent its facilities to organizations and individuals whose programs align with the educational philosophy and mission. 

Athletic Facilities

List of 15 items.

  • Activities Room

    This space is a mini gymnasium with padded walls. It is located in the Performing Arts Center Lobby with easy access to the Sacred Grove. This space is best used for indoor activities such as dodgeball, dance practice, tumbling, and aerobics.

    Capacity: 40 children (under 18); 25 adults

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours

  • Robertson-Navarro Baseball Pavilion

    The Robertson-Navarro Baseball Pavilion features a press box, restrooms, lighting, and bleachers.

    Quarter Day: 2 hours
    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours

  • Cafeteria

    Options: Middle School Cafeteria, Lower School Cafeteria, Add-On Attached Conference Room

    Lower School Cafeteria: 58 ft by 48 ft
    Add-On Attached Conference Room: 23 ft by 15 ½ ft
    Middle School Cafeteria: 58 ft by 49ft

    The cafeterias are ideal for __ of occupants. The conference room features a large table and chairs. It can be used as a staging area for either cafeteria.

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours
    Add-on: Attached Conference Room

  • Carson Stadium Football Field & Track

    Carson Stadium is a standard high school football field with a surrounding track and pole vault pit. Scoreboard and press box are available for use. Restroom access is available on-site.

    Seating capacity home side: 738; visitors side: 325; total: 1,063
    Various portable bleachers are available by request totalling 508 seats.

    Quarter Day: 2 hours
    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours

  • Classroom

    Various classrooms are available to rent. Each classroom is equipped with a SmartBoard and seating for 20-25 persons.

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours
  • Linda Reeves Field

    Linda Reeves Field is 107 x 60 yards. Lining is available by request.
    Restroom access is available by request at the Robertson-Navarro Baseball Pavilion press box. The home and visitors section both have 114 seats for a total of 228. It features bleachers, a ticket booth, scoreboard, lights, and sound system.

    Quarter Day: 2 hours
    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours

  • McCall Field House (Gymnasium)

    Options: Single Court or Full Gym

    McCall Field House consists of one full size court, two basketball side courts, and three regulation size volleyball courts with bleachers on either side. The total seating capacity is 1,143. This space can be used for a variety of sports and activities. It features an LED scoring table, partitioning curtains, boys and girls locker rooms, and a concession stand. Restrooms are attached.

    Single Court Half Day: 4 hours
    Single Court Full Day: 8 hours
    Full Gym Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Gym Full Day: 8 hours

  • Media Center

    Options: Lower School, Middle School, Upper School

    The CCES Media Centers are great meeting spaces that can comfortably accommodate 30-40 occupants. They are equipped with projectors and screens. Located in each division, they have easy access to restrooms.

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours
  • Middle School Commons

    Two open common spaces exist in the Middle School with raised staging (__ x __). The stages have audio systems and lighting. For standing events, this space can accommodate 50 persons. Tables and chairs can be requested for use. Classrooms connected to the common 
    spaces can be rented in addition. 

    Dimensions: 25 ½ ft by 80 ft carpeted area; raised stage: 37 ½ by 8ft at longest points.

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours
  • Middle School Music Room

    The music room is __ x ___. It has risers as well as a grand piano. This space is ideal for choir rehearsals. It is located near restrooms on the top floor of the Middle School.

    Dimensions: 31 ft by 30 ½ ft
    Raised platform around two sides: 5 ft in depth

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours
  • Orchestra Room or Band Room

    These carpeted spaces are __ x ___. Each room can be used with or without tables and chairs. Optimal for band/orchestra rehearsals or meeting spaces. Food is not allowed. Located near the Performing Arts Center, these rooms are easy to access from the Lower School parking lot.

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours

  • Tennis Courts

    The tennis courts are located near the Upper School and consist of six fenced hardcourts. Restroom access is available by request at the Robertson-Navarro Baseball Pavilion press box.

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours

  • Upper School Commons

    Options: Upper Commons or Lower Commons

    The Upper Commons is a multi-functional space that can be used for meetings, events and dining. This space has a speaker system and projector.

    Upper Commons Dimensions: 48ft across by 46ft long (projector as front) 

    The Lower Commons is a carpeted space ideal for standing events or dining. Tables and chairs are available upon request.

    Lower Commons Dimensions: 29ft across by 114 ft long with staircase on one side

    Both commons can accommodate 100-200 persons.

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours

  • Upper School Conference Room

    The Upper School Conference Room can accommodate 12 persons. This room is equipped with tables and chairs. This is ideal as a meeting or a small presentation space. A SmartBoard or SmartTV could be used upon request.

    Dimensions: 18 ½ ft across by 26 ft from the angled corner.

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours

  • Upper School Presentation Room

    This room is on the lower level of the Upper School. It can comfortably seat 75 persons. It is equipped with audio and a projector. Tables and chairs are available for use.

    Dimensions: 23ft across by 49 ft long carpeted area; 12 ft across by 15ft tiled kitchen area in the back

    Half Day: 4 hours
    Full Day: 8 hours
Christ Church Episcopal School (“CCES”) admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at CCES. CCES does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, or sexual orientation in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, financial aid, scholarship or other programs, or athletic or other school-administered programs and activities.